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Can I just say that I loved your book, Simple & Savvy.  I have been reading it little by little while Katelyn sleeps after class.  Not only was the book simple, easy and provides many examples, but great for someone like myself (and I am sure many other moms) with kids Katelyn's age.  I will have to say that I enjoyed learning the various theories on feeding your children, inclulding the "don't" - which many people do.  I have nephews and nieces and since I am really trying to apply your methods, my mom can see the difference in how I am raising Katelyn (which is being independent) vs. her cousins.  She has cousins that range in age from 1 to 4 that my mom watches.

The best part of the book, which was the icing on the cake for me, was your own experience at the end, when you brought up your two children and how they are just different even though you applied the same eating habits.  It's nice to know that a specialist can say that the end result is not always the same, but that you at least apply the same methods and you will have healthy unique children. 

Your book has definitely made me think differently about eating and being patient with Katelyn's sporadic eating (or lack there of at times).  I have enjoyed it immensely.  Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I would recommend your book to anyone and really enjoyed the read. TS

I use to tell people the only baby book you WILL ever need is Baby411, now I tell them to buy Simple and Savvy TOO! I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and I attribute all of their FANTASTIC eating habits to Beverly! They eat hummus, veggies, fruits, SALAD, brown rice, seafood, sushi, edamame...pretty much everything. (Not big fans of carrots but then again neither are their Mom and Dad!)

Beverly's book is wonderful and we refer to it often, but long before her book she was a lifesaver. She was the nutritionist in my 5 year old's infant class. I could not understand why we needed a nutritionist when we were all holding babies who were breast-feeding or drinking formula...but 5 years later I can tell you it all makes sense! Healthy eaters are created YOUNG with first foods and introductions (and repeated introductions) to a wide variety of foods.

I had no idea hummus could be baby food. Or that I could scoop avocado into my child's mouth right from the source! Beverly takes the guess work and headache out of feeding your little ones...makes it fun...and most of all makes great sense!

We are not perfect and our kids get their fair share of sugar and what we call "fun foods" (like McDonalds) but it sure nice to not have to rely on chicken nuggets and hot dogs in order to get my kids to eat.

Beverly also has lots of tips and tricks for those who missed the window early on....it is never to late to start your kids on a healthy path and relationship with food!

You will love this little gem of a book! RJ


“I just wanted to give my endorsement to Beverly.  I went to see her speak recently and it has changed my family's life!  No more power-struggles at the table, no more picky eaters, no more whining "I want cookies for dinner"!  Now my children eat their vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and my husband and I just sit back and relax.  And I don't even have to make special meals or steam and puree a bunch of vegetables.  

She needs to be on Oprah!  Seriously!  If you get a chance to see her or get the book, it will be worth its weight in gold."
Jennifer, mother to 3 boys (former picky eaters)

“Our meals are more nutritious, less work and more tasty thanks to you.”  Marilyn

“My daughter, age 3, is eating a ton more fruits and veggies.”  Katie
“Thank you for understanding just how exhausting and overwhelming parenting can be and helping us find easy, but healthy food choices.” Leslie

“The transition from milk and bottles to finger foods was a success due to you.” Stephanie

“…everything became achievable from balancing nutrition to setting limits at meal times.” Pauline

“Thank you so much for always finding a way to make me laugh; for providing so many fabulous nutritional ideas and for your straight talk and support which helped me to stay confident.” Linda

“I feel my son has gotten off to a strong start with food and nutrition.   And we are learning positive habits that we’ll benefit from for many years.” Susan

“Just when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, she comes and gets me back on track and confirms what I am doing and gives ideas for ways to do things differently with food issues.” Amy