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Creating Healthy Eaters Consulting

Beverly Pressey offers customized seminars and individual consulting for educators, adult or parents of children ages 3 months to teenagers.   She answers your questions on all parent tested topics.  All seminars are taught by Beverly Pressey; a parent, Registered Dietician, parent educator for over 10 years and author of “Simple and Savvy Strategies for Creating Healthy Eaters”.  Most seminars & consultations will be 60-90 minutes in length. 

Seminars and personal consultations are also available online. For questions & availability please email Beverly@CreatingHealthyEaters.com

Testimonials from previous participants:

“I just wanted to give my endorsement to Beverly.  I went to see her speak recently and it has changed my family's life!  No more power-struggles at the table, no more picky eaters, no more whining "I want cookies for dinner"!  Now my children eat their vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and my husband and I just sit back and relax.  And I don't even have to make special meals or steam and puree a bunch of vegetables.  

She needs to be on Oprah!  Seriously!  If you get a chance to see her or get the book, it will be worth its weight in gold."
Jennifer, mother to 3 boys (former picky eaters)

“Our meals are more nutritious, less work and more tasty thanks to you.”  Marilyn

“My daughter, age 3, is eating a ton more fruits and veggies.”  Katie
“Thank you for understanding just how exhausting and overwhelming parenting can be and helping us find easy, but healthy food choices.” Leslie

“The transition from milk and bottles to finger foods was a success due to you.” Stephanie

“…everything became achievable from balancing nutrition to setting limits at meal times.” Pauline

“Thank you so much for always finding a way to make me laugh; for providing so many fabulous nutritional ideas and for your straight talk and support which helped me to stay confident.” Linda

“I feel my son has gotten off to a strong start with food and nutrition.   And we are learning positive habits that we’ll benefit from for many years.” Susan

“Just when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, she comes and gets me back on track and confirms what I am doing and gives ideas for ways to do things differently with food issues.” Amy

Seminar Topics

First Bites    Find out when your baby is ready for solids, what solids to offer, and how to offer solid foods.   We will also discuss the safety of plastics in bottles and toys.

Possible Perils?   Parents are concerned about the possibility of having a child with a food allergy.  Find out the facts, and learn how to introduce foods so as to minimize risk of an allergic reaction.  We will also discuss the difference between gagging and choking and what to do about either situation.

Double Header: Normal Growth and Food Consumption plus Milk and Juice: Pros and Cons   Learn what is considered normal growth and how to decipher a growth chart.  Find out how much food are babies should be eating.  Also included is a discussion about which milk is best for a baby or toddler and how much milk does your child need.  Discover the truth about juice and enriched bottled waters.

Breaking the Code   We will cover the basics of nutrition, defining words such as carbohydrate, protein, and fat.  Also learn how to make sense of ingredient and nutrition packaging labels so you can know you are making the right choices for your family. 

Food Safety and Organics   Learn to keep your children safe with proper cooking, freezing, storing and defrosting techniques.  Discover how to keep picnics and packed lunches fresh and how to easily keep your kitchen clean and sanitary. We will also discuss products labeled as organic, and what this really means for you.

Quick and Easy Meals    We’ll create a list of healthy and satisfying meals that can be made in less than 30 minutes with minimal cooking skills and no cookbooks. 

Menu Planning    Learn a simple system that allows you to go to the grocery store once a week and feed your family a variety of meals.  Find out how easy it is to plan your weekly meals and have the foods in your house when you need them.

Creating Healthy Eaters    What is healthy eating?  Find out, and how     simple it is to teach your child to eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full.  Learn to avoid or diffuse food battles and keep family meals a place your family enjoys.

Feeding Children with Autism    All children have certain food aversions, children with Autism may have even more criteria for the foods they will eat.  Find out how to maintain hassle free meals and provide your child with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Or a customized topic of your choosing

Individual Consulting

My mission is to educate parents, child care providers and parents-to-be.  It is an outgrowth of the success and fulfillment I have found through helping parents resolve feeding issues and create enjoyable meal times.  My knowledge, honesty, passion, and sense of humor make a worthwhile experience for all who spend time with me.

My goals are to provide those caring for children with the knowledge and motivation to: 

  • minimize food conflicts between parents and children.
  • create family meal times that are enjoyable, safe and serene despite a busy world.
  • introduce children to a wide variety of foods from all food groups. 
  • prepare meals at home. 
  • increase nutritional content of meals served at home through healthy food choices. 
  • decrease childhood obesity.

Your Growing Child

  • 4-7 months   When to start solids, which foods to offer, how to feed solids, preparing baby food, selecting baby food, is organic necessary? child
  • 8-12 months  Normal growth, how much to feed, transition to finger foods, choking foods, milk and juice.
  • Year 1-3  How to avoid the picky eater, food and beverage quantities, healthy snacks at home and away, teaching about healthy and fun foods.
  • Year 3 and Beyond  Staying the course or changing the course; is your child trying to take control, are friends, sitters, media or relatives unsupportive or your nutritional goals? 

Feeding the Family

  • Menu Planning  Create personal weekly, monthly or seasonal menus and an accompanying shopping list to meet your food preference, budget, scheduling and food preparation time parameters.  
  • Grocery Store Tour*  Personal grocery store tour (store of your choice) to determie the healthiest products and produce for your family. Understand packaging and nutrition labels.  
  • Cooking Quick and Healthy Meals*  In home cooking help. Learn how to get quick and healthy meals on the table.
  • Food Safety and Sanitation  Keeping a clean kitchen; learn safe defrosting, heating and reheating methods.  Know food storage duration for refrigerated and frozen foods.  Keep cutting boards, counters and refrigerators clean and sanitary.

 Specialized Topics  

 Any of the above topics or series can be customized to meet individual needs, beliefs or practices such as:

  • Allergy eatcarrot
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Low fat, low cholesterol or other specialized diets
  • Healthy Eating for Adults
  • Gluten free diets
  • Diet and Autism
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Tube Feeding with blenderized foods
  • Transition from tube feeding to oral feeding

Rates for Individual Counseling

  • All consulting sessions are 1 hour in length for $110.00, paid in cash or check at time of service.  
  • There will be a $25.00 travel charge for * topics that require travel time for me.  No insurance accepted. 
  • Customize and SAVE by choosing any 3 topics for $240.00;  paid $100.00 at the 1st session, $100.00 at the 2nd session, $60.00 for the 3rd session